Sundaze is a festival that creates unique cultural experiences infused with music. It is divided into a series of events that take place on Sunday evenings at various venues in different cities. For the first time, Sundaze will be held in four different cities, starting with Istanbul, the festival's hometown, then expanding to Beirut in 2022, and finally landing in Paris and Berlin.
We have partnered with Sundaze to design the festival's identity, web experience, mail campaign designs, and communication materials for the summer season of 2022. Our goal is to effectively convey the vibrant nature of the festival and its ability to connect with diverse cultures. The festival's identity incorporates the use of fruit, which serves as the entrance instead of traditional tickets. In our design system, we have incorporated distorted, mirrored fruit images to capture the essence of the "DAZE" effect. Additionally, we have selected vibrant gradient color palettes that reflect the unique characteristics of each city.
Since Sundaze festival requires attendees to bring fruit as their entrance, we have developed a seamless web experience where interested individuals can apply and join the festival's invitation list. Our design work extends to creating visually appealing mail and social media campaigns for the entire season, ensuring effective communication and engagement with the audience.
Festival Identity Design
Print & Poster Design
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Digital Content Creation
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